The weakest link of a construction is always the connection. Current fitting systems require specialists to be installed and the implementation quality depends on the person installing the fitting, resulting in unreliable connections. In addition, these solutions introduce undesirable stresses on the liner, are heavy, unpractical and expensive, and require a lenghty installation process. CODURE has been aware of this problem, and has developed – in close interaction with relining operators and pipe infrastructure owners – the breakthrough solution to overcome the shortcomings of existing joining solutions.
CODURE has developed a connection technology which is based on keeping the fitting partially uncured or unimpregnated. By means of this method, the fitting can be installed insitu and binds with the liner during the curing cycle of the liner. This results in a chemical bonding that is far more durable than a mechanical or adhesive based bonding and makes the CODURE fitting resistant to high pressures. As CODURE has a plug and play installation design and is more cost-efficient and durable than competing solutions, it ensures a superior solution for a competitive price.


To integrate the connection technology into the fitting, CODURE has developed a custom machine that is able to automatically produce fittings of a diameter up to 1200mm. By means of a variable mould system, the production lead time is very short and fittings can be produced at any desired diameter. Furthermore, modifications in laminate orientation and resin system are easily realized such that each fitting can be made fit for purpose.

CODURE'S breakthrough connection technology enables a durable and cost-efficient SOLUTION