Many pressurized pipe systems are past their lifetime and in need of repair, but replacements are expensive, time consuming and disruptive to traffic and the environment. Where composite relining in CIPP can be used as a durable solution, CODURE offers the solution for joining these linings in an easy and durable way.






  1. The CODURE fitting is placed at the host (the damaged) pipe at the inlet location by means of CODURE alignment tools.
  2. The composite liner is pulled or inversed through both the damaged pipe as the CODURE fitting. Hot water or air pressure is used, causing the liner to gain form and connect to the host pipe.
  3. Hot water, steam or UV is used to let the thermosetting resins of both the liner as the fitting cure simultaneously.
  4. As the liner and fitting cure, the liner binds to the fitting, merging into one coherent entity.
  5. After the liner is cured and cooled, the ends can be cut off by means of CODURE milling tools whereupon the fittings can be connected with bolts. Due to the chemical melt between fitting and lining the fitting guarantees a lifetime as long as the CIPP.

CODURE makes it possible to join composite linings in pressurized pipe systems. A onetime explanation is sufficient to let your team install the fittings without the need for a specialist.