Composite linings are very suitable to transport liquids. Due to the smooth inside, there is no chance of algae growth or build up. The CODURE fitting ensures this smooth inside at the connection points. Therefore, CODURE fittings are the superior choice for connecting composite pressurized pipelines for liquids.
  • Drinking water
  • Industrial water
  • Waste water
  • Service water
  • Fire suppression water
  • Warm water
  • Sea water


    CIPP in oil pipelines are a great way to prevent corrosion. A key determinant for the success of CIPP is the fitting. Possible leakage can cause not only environmental damage, but also reputation damage and costs. By using CODURE fittings, CIPP is a safe relining option for your oil pipe system.


    The challenge with gas pipelines is the pressure and leakage risks. When relining gas pipelines, CODURE fittings are suitable to guarantee a leak free connection between the composite pipelines.

    The CODURE fittings are SUITABLE and extensively tested for water, oil and gas PIPELINE systems.